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    WinXP Pro SP3
    WinFax 10.3

    Tried about a dozen different modems.

    Dedicated Fax line. Nothing else plugged in to it. Printer is network based. Nothing else using COM ports.

    Send faxes ok. When receiving, notice pops up saing incoming fax, then just disappears. Checking the receive log shows “call cancelled”. I’ve tried setting answer to 1, 2, 3, and 4 rings. Same issue persists on all.

    Any Ideas?


    what type of phone line are you using? is it voip? (or telephone service from your cable company)
    what model of fax modem? is it a voice compatible modem? Do you subscribe to Caller ID service? and does your modem support Caller ID?
    does a failed event appear in your receive log with a red “X”? if so, what is the error message associated with this log entry? you have to show details to see the message (example “Call Cancelled” or “Unable to negotiate..” etc.)

    If you have WinFax Tools and subscription, you can try adjusting the Call Logging Options under “Logs & Phonebooks” and disable both options (if enabled)
    also, check your send/receive log limits by clicking the “Check Send/Rec Limits” button. This will report your current settings.


    – Standard phone line from phone company.
    – As mentioned, tried about a dozen different modems. Current one is a Motorolla SM56 V.92 Data/Fax Modem(not sure if callerid supported on this modem).
    – Callerid is on main phone line, not sure if it’s on second(fax) line, but I assume it would be.
    – Log entries show red X and error labelled “call cancelled”

    Not in front of the computer at the moment(it’s at the office and I’m 30min drive away)


    Try calling the fax line with a cell phone or regular phone to see if you hear WinFax answering the call and attempting to make a fax connection.

    Since you’ve tried several modems, did you install any other software that was included with these modems? Did you uninstall or remove drivers prior to replacing a fax modem? left over drivers/software can cause problems.

    Are you using the updated modem drivers that came with the fax modem (or available from the manufacturers Web site) instead of the stock Windows XP (automatically installed) drivers?

    Do you have Windows Fax Service enabled? (is there a printer called “Fax”?) If so, disable it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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