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    I’m on Winfax 10.2 with Windows XP and an Intel 536EP modem. Sometimes I send a fax and Winfax hangs up after first page. It will usually, but not always, get to 100% of first page and then just hang up. Sometimes it will send 2 or 3 pages, hang up, then redial and pick up on the next page. Most of the time, when I have a problem, it is a hangup after first page. Most faxes are not a problem; they do go through. Typically, my faxes are 2-5 pages. When I do have a problem, I revert to a stand alone fax, and it goes through


    Sending problems are usually due to modem settings, and/or phone line connection problems. If you are sending faxes using VoIP line, it may not support fax properly. Contact your VoIP to ensure the proper settings are configured on your line to support fax transmissions.

    The 536EP is a controllerless (DSP) chipset. You can try updating the modem drivers to the latest version (from the manufacturer) http://www.modemsite.com/56k/intel.asp
    for more details, although links to Intel’s pages are no longer providing download links for this modem.

    Also suggest to:

    Reduce the maximum sending speed to 9,600 bps.
    turn off ECM for sending option.
    turn off 3d Compression option.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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