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    How can I export the winfax phonebook list to a doc or txt file? Is it even possible?


    I tried exporting it to a txt file, but all the names were scrambled…I’m looking to have the doc/txt phone list identical to the winfax list.


    WinFax can export the phonebook data into another format that can be imported and manipulated in other applications. For example, ASCII (CSV) file, or DBF (dbase IV format)

    Once the data is exported, it is up to you to arrange the data how you want it. An ASCII file isn’t formatted for direct output, so you would need to import into another application that can format the data properly for you. It may appear “scrambled”or poorly formatted but the data is in the proper order.

    An example would be to use Excel to import the data, and then format / sort the data how you would like.


    how can i import contacts from ms excel into phonebook?


    @nmo111 wrote:

    how can i import contacts from ms excel into phonebook?

    You need to Export your Excel spreadsheet to a format that can be imported into WinFax.

    In Excel,
    Try exporting as .TXT (delimited) / CSV (comma separated value)

    then, import in WinFax.
    On the Go menu, click Phonebooks. The Phonebook window opens
    In the phonebook list, click the phonebook or folder into which you want to import the recipient records.
    On the File menu, point to Import and click Phonebook. The Import Phonebook wizard starts.
    In the Format drop-down list, click the appropriate file format and follow the instructions on the screen. Click Next to proceed.
    On the last panel of the wizard, click Finish to import the phonebook.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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