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    I “upgraded” to 10.04 and now I cannot shut winfax down. Each time I try to turn off message manager, it automatically starts up again, and the hour glass prompt stays active in any program I am in. I tried to find the patch in add and remove programs but it is not listed only winfax pro 10.0. I tried to uninstall it from this window but am unable to do so because I get the message “cannot find the installation log file.”
    Is it possible to remove 10.04? If not, how do I uninstall all of WinFax? I have already copied my address book to another folder in preparation of this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


    Actually, it is the controller that continues to reinstall itself and won’t allow itself to be shut down.


    assuming you’ve backed up your data, i would suggest you reinstall WinFax PRO overtop your existing installation. See this message if you get any error message about uninstalling first:

    Then, once it has been installed you can completely uninstall using the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

    Then, reinstall again. Also note that you can only install the 10.04 patch overtop a 10.03 installation, do not install 10.04 patch overtop any version other than 10.03 (see Help, About to display the version information of WinFax PRO)


    Thank you for your help. I was able to manually uninstall all winfax applications through the registry (including the 10.04 patch that I never should have installed).

    I then re-installed 10.0 and then imported my data base that I had stored in a separate folder on the desk top.

    Thanks for the suggestion and I am not back up and running although my preference is to dump winfax and move to another faxing program when I have some time to do the research.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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