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    I have been using Winfax Pro for years, but just recently when I try to fax it doesn’t allow me to add attachments. I go the the browse files and click on the attachments I want and nothing happens. The attachments do not show up in the window on the lower left corner of the fax send page. All I see is the cover page and nothing else happens.

    I have tried re-installing Winfax Pro several times and each time, there is an error message stating something about my spooler being busy.

    Help me…. I love this program, but without the attachment feature, it is worthless to me.


    We have a software tool that may correct this issue in the Premium Downloads area. (I’ve not seen this problem with WinFax PRO 9.0, only 10) a WinFax Premium Technican may be able to determine exactly the cause (see link below for Premium Services)

    or you can try shutting down the Printer Spooler service,

    click start, run, type : net stop spooler
    and then try reinstalling WinFax PRO

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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