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    I’m new to the IT world and my mgr has assigned me to find a solution. Currently, we are faxing through modem but we’d like to use Winfax w/ our Oracle db, where all our customer info are stored. I’d like to know how I can link Winfax w/ Oracle db and also how we can do a batch w/ different customer numbers, messages variables. Please do let me know if anyone knows a solution or if there’s somewhere I can find this info.


    It depends what you need to do. There are solutions that require customization, but in most cases you can do what you want using fax merge with Microsoft Word. This allows you to link any database (such as an Oracle DB via ODBC) with fax software such as WinFax PRO or FaxTalk. You create the document you want to fax in Microsoft Word, you add any variables you want on your document (these are called mail merge fields in Microsoft Word) and they can be any field that is available in your Oracle DB (such as Name, Fax Number, Client #, Address, City, State, etc…etc…)
    when you perform the fax merge, each mail merge field is filled in with the appropriate data, and that document is faxed to the recipient automatically.

    Just a note that WinFax PRO does not support Windows 7/Vista/2008, so I would recommend using another software such as FaxTalk Multiline Server or FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro http://www.getfaxing.com/faxtalk.htm

    FaxTalk Multiline Server supports up to 8 fax modems and can be networked.
    FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro supports 1 fax modem.

    Here is a video of a fax merge in action using FaxTalk software , this video shows the data already linked (as a .csv file) , but Microsoft Word allows you to link almost any type database.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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