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    Dear All,

    I wonder if anyone could help here:

    1. As you may know, there is quite a large community of users of the highly appraised Symantec (previously Delrina) WinFax software (just look at this Forum!).

    2. According to Symantec’s Web site info, the product was discontinued (with no prior notice known to this writer!) on Nov. 1, 2006.

    3. While finding a replacement program for PC faxing (that might also be Vista compatible) should not be really hard, I failed so far to find a solution to salvaging all the thousands of faxes sent & received over the years, including their metadata (From/ To, Subject, Keywords, Time/ Date, …); of course, Viewers & Converters of single-page FX* files are around, but they look at the single page, rather than at the actual fax …

    Any suggestion will be most welcomed.

    Many thanks,

    Eric T.

    P.S.: Any idea if WinFax can “survive” the upgrade transition from WinXP to Vista (even if working in XP compatibility mode)? At least at Viewer level?


    Yes, Symantec didn’t announce this anywhere on the Web site until a few days ago. Symantec did forward this information to a third-party, and they announced it publicly on their Web site back in June:


    You might want to check out this tool for exporting faxes from your logs, not sure if it will do all what you want but you can e-mail the developer and find out:


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    this forum is a BIG help!!!!



    With Winfax PRO going away what alternatives is everyone looking at since it’s not compatible with Vista?

    My father has used Winfax since it was first developed by Delrina.


    you can try http://www.snappyfax.com as an alternative
    Vista compatible.
    30 day trial version

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    I did a complete switch to:

    FaxTalk Fax Center Pro.

    It is able to use (import) the Winfax phonebooks which was my biggest concern with over 1000 names, company names and phone numbers.

    The only thing lacking was only 9 cover sheets. Loved all the cover sheets with WinFax.


    Living in Melbourne (Aust) I wonder what will happen next time my using WinFax has a problem. My business is built out of sending out faxes. My I T Adviser tells me that as more changes come with Windows so it is more likely that problems will arise with WinFax. Such a pity, it is such a great program.
    I use 10.02 with Windows XP Home and Office PRO 2003.
    I have looked a the websites of Snappy Fax and FaxTalk Fax but cannot find if I can import an address list from MS Access and my ‘flyer’ that is faxed out, which is in a PDF. Please, is anyone able to answer this.
    Alternatively now that Symantec have dropped WinFax PRO, could it be taken up by another Organisation and supported. Please this is no criticism of this Forum – it has been very helpful, but with a small home based business relying on WinFax PRO 10.02 I have to be forward looking.


    Dowload the free trial of FaxTalks and try the phonebook import.

    I do know that you can fax the .pdf, because we do it all the time.

    Good luck.


    I have tried both Snappy Fax and FaxTalk Fax. Neither appear to easily access my present Database. WinFax PRO 10.02 is linked to the Database in MS Access, and when I make a change (up to 10 changes per day) Winfax immediately has the updated version. I can transfer my Database to MS Excel and maintain it in a CSV form. However Snappy Fax appears to only update the whole Database which takes 30 minutes or more (there are 13,000 entries in the Database). I cannot see if FaxTalk Fax is any different.
    It seems that WinFax is still so much more user friendly, and without the support of this Forum I could not continue to use it. Thanks to everyone for the responses and to the Moderator who must know WinFax through and through. Last question, is there any advantage in moving from 10.02 to 10.04?


    @miclementson wrote:

    Last question, is there any advantage in moving from 10.02 to 10.04?

    You can’t update from 10.02 to 10.04, you must upgrade to 10.03 first. 10.04 is only required for Fax Sharing, if you are using Windows XP SP2 on all machines you are sharing with. 10.03 has several specific problems with Windows XP compatibility fixed.


    In which case, as WinFax 10.02 does everything I require to work effectively in my environment, I see no need to change to 10.03.

    Thanks for the help and advice. I plan to become a Premium Member, just in case.


    Thanks, this topic is closed.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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