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    i have been using winfax since the delrina days. i would hate to give it up, but it appears there is a conflict between service pack 3 and winfax 10.03.

    since SP3 was released i get frequent BSODs with no explanation. the winfax printer driver also failed last summer.

    if i can’t solve this i must move on to another solution.

    can you help?


    I assume you’re getting the BSODs when using WinFax? What does the error message say? At what point when using WinFax do they occur? usually a BSOD (within WinFax) indicates a software driver problem for a specific hardware device, such as a fax modem. Some fax modems require updated (new) drivers for Windows XP SP2&3. Without the actual error message that is displayed or at least when the error occurs, its hard to determine what the problem could be.

    As for the WinFax PRO printer driver, can you describe what failed? does it indicate any error message, or does it just not generate a fax image from the print job when the send dialog box appears?


    the BSOD could happen anytime, even at night when the computer was on but no one was using it.

    often the BSOD simply flashed by.

    as for the printer driver, winfax loads 2. one for speed and one for quality. the one for speed failed. it stopped working. i can’t make it any plainer.

    i was under the impression that you were aware of an incompatibility between winfax and sp3. that’s why i paid to get access to this forum.

    are you telling me you don’t know what i am talking about?


    The more info the better, it makes it easier to give you a possible solution.

    Here’s what you can try on the printer driver issue:

    Download and run WinFax Tools

    Password details are listed here:

    Click Yes on all prompts. Note any error or warning messages (if any) and report them here.

    IF when completed it says “Done Processing. No problems found …” then
    click OK, and in WINFAX TOOLS click on INSTALL & SETUP TOOLS Button

    Note any error messages if they appear.
    If no errors, wait approx. 1 minute then reboot the computer
    Start WinFax and test the High Speed driver.


    since the last BSOD i had to re=install everything.

    so right now i have installed XP service pack 2, but before i re-install winfax i want to find out about about the probelm between SP3 and winfax. i can’t use SP2 forever.

    either there is a fix for the conflict between winfax and SP3 or there isn’t.

    if there is a fix then i can continue using winfax, if there isn’t then i have to transition to a new fax solution.


    The XP sp2/sp3 fixes that we offer in WinFax Tools deal with installation problems, setup and phonebook number entry problems with WinFax, they don’t solve BSOD problems as these are serious driver related incompatibilites.

    The problems you describe are not common problems that exist when using WinFax that are the result of updating Windows to Service Pack 3.

    to solve a BSOD problem you would have to start by determing the STOP error message along with the driver name. Bsod errors usually flash by because Windows XP is set by default to reboot automatically after a BSOD (under System Properties,Startup and Recovery)
    Its best to enable a complete memory dump and turn off automatic reboot here. That’s not going to solve the problem, but at least it can guide you to the proper solution by pointing to the specific driver file causing the problem.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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