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    So, there I was standing in the shower thinking about my stupid TalkWorks problem and it suddenly dawned on me that, at the time of the Y2K update, I was running the program on a different computer… which had long ago been moved down to the basement for my kids to use.

    Even though it was never hooked up to a phone line, I had not uninstalled TW… and, per your advice, FOUND a 6.6MB patch.exe dated 7/99.

    Copied it to my current system, ran it, and VOILA… TW2.03 … and notification WORKS!

    While I might have found the twXXXX file had it been present since it was mentioned on the Symantec page, I wouldn’t have looked for the patch.exe file had you not mentioned it.

    Many thanks to the GetFaxing.com Staff… and YOU, Mr. Moderator, are DA MAN! I love the internet and GREAT forums like this.

    Thanks again for all your help!

    [Going to burn the patch to cd right now!]

    in reply to: TalkWorks notifications #8374

    @Moderator wrote:

    You’re probably better off getting a copy of TalkWorks PRO 3.0 instead. You won’t find it in stores (unless its in the bargain bin) but you’ll probably find a copy on eBay.

    Hmmm … currently, ebay has several sellers of TW Pro v2.0 (new and unwrapped!!). Little does the buyer know, huh? I’ve got THAT cd AND a Y2K problem.

    There is one seller of v3.0 but in the UK. I guess I’ll keep my eyes open.

    Anybody in this forum have one for sale? If so, let me know at [email protected]


    in reply to: TalkWorks notifications #8372

    @Moderator wrote:

    you might have updated TW using a patch downloaded from Symantec. It might still be on your system, search for that TW*.exe file or another called patch.exe

    Yea, I thought of that, too. Even searched some old archive cd’s I keep… but no joy. I hate live update. I even spent quite a bit of time searching the internet… you never know what’s laying around out there… still no luck.

    Haven’t heard from Symantec, either… they’ll probably just ignore me.

    So, my only option looks like trying to move files from my old NT install to the new XP. A global copy didn’t work (thought it was BASIC, not PRO… see above). Any idea why that happened?

    If I could circumvent it, maybe I can get a working(Y2K compatible) system. There are a lot of different files between the systems… if I knew more, maybe just a select few would do the trick.

    in reply to: TalkWorks notifications #8370

    I tried simply copying all the files from my old install to the new one. The program runs but, some some reason, now thinks it’s just TalkWorks Basic, not Pro. No phone, cover page designer, etc… just faxing.

    I restored the files and it’s fully operational now… well, except I still have the 24hour delayed notification.

    I did find the About.cfg files on the new and old installs and can see that, fresh from the CD I have TW 2.0, while the old working system is TW 2.03.

    So, I guess I will try to contact Symantec and see if they will supply Tw02539.exe

    Thanks for your help! Hopefully, they will both have the old update file and provide it.

    in reply to: TalkWorks notifications #8367

    Your description of the problem looks correct… and LiveUpdate no longer works.

    So, what are my options?

    It would be nice to get my hands on the complete file set for the manual update method mentioned in the Symantec link (above).

    I **DO** have all the updated files, though. When I upgraded to XP, I installed on a fresh hard drive and kept the old NT C: drive intact. A diff on the directories shows a boatload of changed dll’s, cfg’s, ftg, fti, and whatnot. It would be easy if this problem was caused by a single dll, for example, and (if I knew which it was) I could just copy it over. Usually, though, such files have to be kept in sych.

    I wonder how safe it would be to just copy all the files over to the new install. Might be OK… but possible registry entries could be a problem. Unless you have another suggestion, I might have to try that. Worst case, it breaks and I uninstall/re-install and try something else.

    An aside, this is one reason why I generally don’t like the Live Update type of thing. While it’s nice and easy, it decreases your independence from the vendor. I’d rather get the file updates independently… which I would have burned to an archive… and would be able to “get myself back where I was”. (Thanks for letting me get that off my chest… I feel better now.)

    Thank you for your continued time and interest in my problem.

    Out of curiosity … why did Symantec drop this product? It sure has been a good one for me and I don’t see where another product came along and knocked them out of this market slot.

    in reply to: TalkWorks notifications #8364

    I appreciate your help!

    I’m on XP now, so Regional settings say:
    Short date: 9/11/2004
    Long date: Saturday, September 11, 2004

    At test message right now generates a notification message in the outbox with a date of 9/12/2004 (same hour/min/sec)… so, I’m guessing I will get a notification tomorrow at this time.

    I would have sworn I was running 3, but apparently I’m at:
    TalkWorks PRO 2.0 (Jul 27 1998). Was running perfectly under Windows NT 4.0 sp6, though.

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide to resolve this!

    in reply to: TalkWorks notifications #8362

    I tried the rebuild/optimize but still doesn’t work.

    HOWEVER, out of the blue… I got a notification call … it was from a test message I had left in the outbox the day before.

    Upon closer inspection, I now see where the outbox message sitting in a Wait status has a date 1 day in the future for the same hour/minute as the call. I checked the delivery options and have “send as soon as possible” checked (not x hours from now or every day at xx).

    I created several other test messages and the notification is always dated 1 day later. The clock on my computer is correct. Where could it be getting this?

    in reply to: TalkWorks notifications #8359

    Nice thought, but it didn’t work. Deleted, built new, but same results:

    The notification message just sits in the outbox with a status= Waiting

    Waiting for what? Is there some background process that checks for it?

    In the task manager, I see these running…


    Thanks again for any help you can provide.

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