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T.38 Fax 30 day free fax line trial

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Our t.38 fax partner t38fax.com is offering GetFaxing.com customers a 30 day, no risk free trial for t.38 fax trunks based in the United States. Each trial includes One free (fax number) DID, $25.00 US in free credit and instant Activation. No activation fee. No transfer fee.

T38fax.com lines are compatible for incoming and outgoing faxing with FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 10, FaxTalk Messenger Pro 10 and FaxTalk Multiline Server 10. You’ll receive the instructions to setup FaxTalk to use your T.38 fax account by download link.

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T38Fax.com is a T.38 Fax over IP (FoIP) service provider that offers PSTN termination and origination (fax sending and receiving) over SIP trunks. T.38 Fax over IP been optimized to offer extremely reliable faxing over WAN and LAN connections. Send and receive faxes without the need of a fax modem, a legacy telephone line and wiring!

Works with your existing high speed internet connection. T38Fax.com’s T.38 fax service is compatible with all the FaxTalk products including FaxTalk Multiline Server 10, FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro and FaxTalk Messenger Pro 10 (for fax only)


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