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Fax Modem Data Voice Conexant USB Windows 11/10/8/7

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This model has been discontinued, a replacement modem with all the same features is available here Conexant USB Data Fax Voice Modem Windows 11/10/8/7

This USB fax modem with optional voice https://www.getfaxing.com/product/56k-external-usb-data-fax-voice-modem/support is perfect for the small office/home based business. It’s a reliable hardware based external USB fax/voice modem for your desktop or notebook. With easy plug and play installation for Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.

USB fax modem includes a RJ-11 telephone cable to connect directly to your telephone line.

We’ve tested these fax modems with FaxTalk, Windows Fax & Scan, WinFax PRO, CallClerk, VZEnhanced56K Caller ID software. It also works with many other TAPI fax & voice applications designed for Windows.  Includes digitally signed TAPI voice drivers that support Windows 11,10, 8, 7.

Includes a one (1) year repair or replacement limited warranty and 180 days professional technical support from GetFaxing.com.

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USB Fax Modem Conexant Hardware Based Fax and Voice Modem

This hardware USB fax modem includes TAPI voice and type 1 Caller ID support that is compatible with many Microsoft Windows TAPI based applications, Caller ID, Fax, Data, and Voice recording/playback software. The modem includes a 4th Generation CX93010 controller based fax modem chipset from Conexant® that integrates a micro-controller (MPU), digital signal processor (DSP), memory and a SmartDAA® (DAA) interface onto a single board. The modem easily plugs into any unused USB port on your computer. The automatic plug and play driver included with Microsoft Windows 10, 8.x and 7 SP1 (support for both 64 bit and 32 bit) allows for quick and easy installation.

Unlike other vendors, we also include a Conexant Windows 11/10/8/7 (SP1) modem driver for voice playback and recording support for Windows TAPI applications that do not use passthrough mode.

We provide modem driver installation instructions here for CallClerk, VZEnhanced 56K and other TAPI voice applications.

Includes a trial download of FaxTalk, CallClerk, and VZEnhanced 56K Caller ID software (via download links)
Included is One (1) year repair or replacement limited warranty and 180 days of technical support.


  • USB (type-A Male)
  • 1 RJ-11 (common telephone jack interface)

Supported Features

  • PCM voice compression
  • Type 1 Caller ID from your phone company.
  • Distinctive Ring service from your phone company.
  • Class 1, Class 1.0 fax modem support and Class 8 voice support
  • Digital Voice Answering (with compatible voice software)
  • On/Off hook control
  • DTMF detection and generation
  • Voice/Fax/Modem Distinction
  • V.80/H.324 interface support for Video Conferencing
  • Worldwide operation.
  • Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 compatible with Debian 8.0 or higher
  • Hardware based chipset using Conexant CX93010 controller.

Compatibility (a limited list of compatible software products)

  • FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro® (Fax), FaxTalk Messenger Pro® (Fax and Voice), FaxTalk Multiline Server® (Fax and Voice)
  • Symantec WinFax PRO® 10 (Fax)
  • PhoneTray Pro (Caller ID software)
  • VZ Enhanced 56K (Caller ID software)
  • CallClerk (Caller ID, Voice)
  • Win-911 (industrial monitoring/alarm software)
  • VTScada (industrial monitoring/alarm software)
  • Microsoft Windows Fax and Scan (Fax)
  • Dial up connections Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista/XP (Juno, NetZero etc.)
  • Raspberry Pi 2/3 using Linux Debian v8.0 or higher
  • NCID (Network Caller ID)
  • Many Other Fax and Voice software (using passthrough mode) Class 1.x, Class 8 compatible.

    The GetFaxing.com modem will playback audio with TAPI voice software that does not use “passthrough” mode.
     When you install our Windows modem driver (included) you’ll enable this type of voice playback and recording support. If you are using Call Clerk, VZEnhanced 56K or another TAPI only voice application that does not use passthrough mode, see our Windows TAPI driver installation instructions here or contact our technical support.

Recommended for use on a single (1 line) fax setup only connected directly to a USB 3.0, 2.0 or 1.1 port of the PC (not a USB hub). Configures automatically using the built in Microsoft Windows drivers for Microsoft Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (SP1)/Vista/XP/2003/Server (64 bit and 32 bit). Additional drivers available for Linux and older Microsoft Windows operating systems.


A shipping fee will be added to your order for domestic or international shipping. This item will arrive as a separate shipment from any FaxTalk software CD orders.

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 5 cm
Software Compatibility

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro, FaxTalk Messenger Pro, FaxTalk Multiline Server, Symantec WinFax PRO 10, PhoneTray Pro, CallClerk, Windows Fax & Scan, VZEnhanced56K


1 Year repair or replace warranty.

4 reviews for Fax Modem Data Voice Conexant USB Windows 11/10/8/7

  1. Paul Woroshow (verified owner)

    Works extremely well with CallClerk software and does everything I wanted. Love the extra drivers provided. Definitely recommended.

  2. RS

    Just a note to thank you for your great product and support! I just installed your modem and Conexant drivers and it’s the first time in 5 years that my Call Clerk software works as it is supposed to! I had previously used some VERY expensive Way2Call modems that never totally worked as they should with Call Clerk’s answering machine function. Your modem and drivers work perfectly! Thanks again!
    Monkton, Maryland

  3. Monika R.

    It was easy to install modem, easy to setup.

    Downloaded CallClerk trial version and after few tweaks, it works as I like. Great pair.

  4. admin

    Modem installs the drivers for Windows 10 without any need for CD or additional driver installation. Sending and receiving faxes with this modem is reliable, and does work with multiple units installed on a single machine. Caller ID with FaxTalk does work in Direct and TAPI mode. There is no audio progress/speaker mode on this modem.

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