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How to repair logs or phonebooks in WinFax using WinFax Tools

Sometimes a fax can appear stuck or faxes fail to send when you submit them. This can be caused due to corruption in the default WinFax send, receive and outbox log.

Repairing a log or phonebook database in WinFax can now be accomplished with ease using our custom WinFax Tools program that is included with the WinFax Support subscription.

Before rebuilding any data in WinFax please backup your entire DATA folder (or entire WinFax folder) where all your WinFax files are located.  We recommend this in case of any failure during the rebuild/repair process.  If you’re not sure where your WinFax files are located, WinFax Tools can determine the location of your DATA folder for you, click on WinFax Info.

  1. Start WinFax Tools.
  2. Click on Logs & Phonebooks button.
  3. Click on Rebuild Log & Phonebooks button.
  4. Click OK to the message “Do you want to rebuild log & phonebook files?”
  5. If Outlook is currently running, you will be prompted to close Outlook. I recommend closing all other open applications except WinFax Tools.
  6. You will now be presented with a dialog box asking you to select a specific WinFax database file with a “.WFB” extension.  The default phonebook is called “MY-PH-BK” and the default send/receive/outbox log is called “STATUS”.  Select one of these files you want to repair, and click OK.  If you have additional phonebooks, they will be listed with the appropriate name.  Any additional logs (message stores) will also have their unique name.
  7. Wait for the selected database to be optimized and rebuilt. Click CLOSE when done.
  8. Repeat the steps for any additional databases you want to rebuild (if required.)
  9. Click Close in WinFax Tools.
  10. Click Start Controller. The WinFax Controller should start and the database should be repaired.