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Formatting Microsoft Word mail merge fields using switches

Microsoft Word has a powerful feature that can alter how the text appears in your finished merged document, for example, if you have source data (a spreadsheet with a list of names and fax numbers in Excel) that contains names in mixed upper and lower case, it may look unprofessional to include lower case letters […]

Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment when clicking on a Fax Merge icon

This error message can appear if you've installed the Microsoft Word XP / 2003 and the Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013 version of the FaxTalk Merge installation files on the same computer.   In Windows, Point to Search or Find, and search for Programs & Files or All Files and Folders. In the Named field, type: FaxTalk2k7.dotm and then click Search. […]

Microsoft Forms: Could not load some objects because they are not available on this machine.

This message can appear if you are using a 64 bit version of Microsoft Word with the FaxTalk Fax Merge. By default, Microsoft Office (versions 2010 and higher) install the 32-bit version of Office even if your computer is running a 64-bit edition of Windows. FaxTalk Fax Merge requires a 32 bit version (the default and recommended […]

How to configure the security settings in Microsoft Word 2010/2007 for the FaxTalk Fax Merge macro

Depending on the security level you have set in Microsoft Word 2007/2010, after you install the FaxTalk Merge Macro, you may be presented with a warning message.   This security warning prevents macros located in non-trusted folder from executing automatically.   The following steps will allow you to confirm to Microsoft Word that the FaxTalk […]

Error : 5852 “Requested object is not available.” or “The object invoked has disconnected from its clients” when performing a fax merge

Immediately after performing a FaxTalk Fax merge, you may see the following error message appear: Error 5852 Requested Object is not available or Automation Error: The object invoked has been disconnected by its client. This error message can occur when your database source (Mail Merge Source) contains more than 10,000 recipients. There is an (undocumented) […]

Error “Unable to create sendjob” or “Initialization failed” when sending a fax merge

One of the following error messages may appear when there is a failure within the FaxTalk API. “Unable to create sendjob” “Initialization failed”, Method “PrintToAttachment” of object “IFaxTalkAPI” failed . Please check for the following: A) If you are using an older version of FaxTalk (version 7.5), the build revision of FaxTalk must be at […]

Error: FaxTalk API was not detected. Please ensure a compatible version of FaxTalk is installed.

This error message can occur if a compatible FaxTalk fax software product is not found by the Fax Merge software. FaxTalk Fax Merge requires an installation of one of the following FaxTalk fax software products: FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro FaxTalk Multiline Server FaxTalk Messenger Pro FaxTalk Fax Merge is compatible with versions 7.5 (build 4120) and […]

FaxTalk appears on Microsoft Word ribbon or toolbar but does not run and displays the message “The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your Macro security settings”

You are using Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010 and the FaxTalk Fax Merge for Microsoft Word fails to run. You have confirmed that your security settings are properly configured, however the macro does not run. You see the following error message when you attempt to activate the macro. “The macro cannot be found or […]

Where does the FaxTalk Fax Merge software get installed?

The template file is installed in Word’s default STARTUP folder. The location of this folder is different for each operating system, and can also be set to a custom folder defined in the Word setup. The default installation path for the .dot or .dotm template file is %appdata%\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP Here are the most common locations where […]