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Formatting Microsoft Word mail merge fields using switches

Microsoft Word has a powerful feature that can alter how the text appears in your finished merged document, for example, if you have source data (a spreadsheet with a list of names and fax numbers in Excel) that contains names in mixed upper and lower case, it may look unprofessional to include lower case letters […]

Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment when clicking on a Fax Merge icon

This error message can appear if you've installed the Microsoft Word XP / 2003 and the Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013 version of the FaxTalk Merge installation files on the same computer.   In Windows, Point to Search or Find, and search for Programs & Files or All Files and Folders. In the Named field, type: FaxTalk2k7.dotm and then click Search. […]

Microsoft Forms: Could not load some objects because they are not available on this machine.

This message can appear if you are using a 64 bit version of Microsoft Word with the FaxTalk Fax Merge. By default, Microsoft Office (versions 2010 and higher) install the 32-bit version of Office even if your computer is running a 64-bit edition of Windows. FaxTalk Fax Merge requires a 32 bit version (the default and recommended […]

How to configure the security settings in Microsoft Word 2010/2007 for the FaxTalk Fax Merge macro

Depending on the security level you have set in Microsoft Word 2007/2010, after you install the FaxTalk Merge Macro, you may be presented with a warning message.   This security warning prevents macros located in non-trusted folder from executing automatically.   The following steps will allow you to confirm to Microsoft Word that the FaxTalk […]

Error : 5852 “Requested object is not available.” or “The object invoked has disconnected from its clients” when performing a fax merge

Immediately after performing a FaxTalk Fax merge, you may see the following error message appear: Error 5852 Requested Object is not available or Automation Error: The object invoked has been disconnected by its client. This error message can occur when your database source (Mail Merge Source) contains more than 10,000 recipients. There is an (undocumented) […]

Error “Unable to create sendjob” or “Initialization failed” when sending a fax merge

One of the following error messages may appear when there is a failure within the FaxTalk API. “Unable to create sendjob” “Initialization failed”, Method “PrintToAttachment” of object “IFaxTalkAPI” failed . Please check for the following: A) If you are using an older version of FaxTalk (version 7.5), the build revision of FaxTalk must be at […]

What versions of Microsoft Word are compatible with FaxTalk Fax Merge?

The FaxTalk Merge Macro for Microsoft Word is compatible with the following versions of Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word 2002/XP (Office XP) *DISCONTINUED* Microsoft Word 2003 (Office 2003) *DISCONTINUED* Microsoft Word 2007 (Office 2007) Microsoft Word 2010 (Office 2010) 32 bit version only Microsoft Word 2013 (Office 2013/Office 365) 32 bit version only Microsoft Word 2016 […]

Error: FaxTalk API was not detected. Please ensure a compatible version of FaxTalk is installed.

This error message can occur if a compatible FaxTalk fax software product is not found by the Fax Merge software. FaxTalk Fax Merge requires an installation of one of the following FaxTalk fax software products: FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro FaxTalk Multiline Server FaxTalk Messenger Pro FaxTalk Fax Merge is compatible with versions 7.5 (build 4120) and […]