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Check for Microsoft Word mail merge data source errors prior to starting a FaxTalk Fax merge

When you perform a FaxTalk Fax Merge, the merged pages are processed sequentially and are transmitted to FaxTalk software one at a time. Each unique page that is processed could trigger an error if a faulty condition is raised. When this happens, the merge will not continue and the link between FaxTalk and Microsoft Word is broken.

Microsoft Word includes a mail merge simulation option that allows you to go through the steps of mail merge. Before you start a FaxTalk Fax Merge, we recommend performing this simulation to ensure that Fax Merge will complete. If you are presented with an error, your fax merge will fail. The error message should be sufficient to determine the cause of the problem.

You can start this simulation at anytime in Microsoft Word. To start the simulation, click the “Check for Errors” option in the Mailings ribbon tab. Choose the “Simulate the merge and report errors in a new document” option and click OK. If any errors are reported, a new document will be open with the error message(s)

The FaxTalk Fax Merge also has the ability to check for errors before performing the fax merge operation. In FaxTalk ribbon tab, click the Settings icon and the Fax Merge Tab. Enable the option “Auto check for merge errors prior to starting the merge

Troubleshooting data source errors:

Do you have ASK , IF .. THEN .. ELSE, SKIP or any other rules in your mail merge? Double-check these fields.

Is the data source on your local drive? Are you sharing the data source on a network where someone else may be accessing it?

Is your matching correct? double-check your matched fields.

Try previewing the merge, turn on the Preview Results option in Mailings ribbon tab and scroll through each recipient. The page(s) should update with the correct merge fields filled in.

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