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How to configure the security settings in Microsoft Word 2010/2007 for the FaxTalk Fax Merge macro

Depending on the security level you have set in Microsoft Word 2007/2010, after you install the FaxTalk Merge Macro, you may be presented with a warning message.
This security warning prevents macros located in non-trusted folder from executing automatically.
The following steps will allow you to confirm to Microsoft Word that the FaxTalk Merge Macro is safe, and allow Word to execute this specific macro without any further security warning dialog boxes.
To change your security settings in Microsoft Word 2007/2010:
1. Click the Office button, in Word 2010 click File.

2. Click Word Options.

3. Click on Trust Center

4. Click Trust Center Settings

5. Click Macro Settings

6. Select the Macro Setting option you like, we recommend “Disable all macros with notification.”
NOTE: If you are unable to change these settings, you may have a group policy enabled that does not allow changes to security settings. In most cases, a digitally signed macro such as the FaxTalk Merge Macro will be allowed to run in a trusted location. Contact your IT department for any specific requirements you may need.
When you first start Word 2007/2010 after installation of the FaxTalk Merge Macro, a security warning message will appear. This message will appear only if the macro is installed in a non-trusted location.
If this Security Warning message appears you will be required to trust the certificate stored with the FaxTalk Merge macro, this procedure is only required only once.
1. Click Options…

2. A security alert – macro dialog box appears.

3. Confirm that the “Signed by” signature details indicates ““. This confirms that the macro was signed by

4. Click Trust all documents from this publisher, and click OK.
This will enable the macro, and allow the macro to operate without any future security warning messages.
You should now see the FaxTalk Tab, and the icons should function when clicked.

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