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Can a HP, Brother, Canon, Lexmark or Dell MFPs (Multi-function printer, scanner, fax) work with WinFax PRO?

This is a question we get quite often, there are many manufacturers (HP, Dell, Brother, Canon & Lexmark) that are combining a printer with a fax machine and scanner, these are called MFPs (Multi-function printers) or All-in-One Devices.  These are common in small business and home office environments.  These printers usually do come with some sort of “fax” software that is bundled when you install the drivers for the printer device. You can use these devices to send and receive faxes through your computer  or directly as a stand-alone office fax machine (some even include a telephone handset).  Unfortunately, the software that is bundled with these devices are basic and are limited in features. At the least, they usually have the ability to send and receive a fax, keep a records of faxes you’ve sent & received, and have the ability to print your faxes.  We’re often asked if you can you use WinFax PRO or other software instead of the primative bundled software?  The answer is usually and often No. The hardware & software designed for these multi-function printers are proprietary to the manufactuer, and the drivers included with the printer as specific to that model of printer. These multi-function printers are not considered “Fax Modems” and do not interface with the computer as a standard Class 1 or 2.x fax modem would. This is the reason that WinFax PRO and other fax software do not detect these devices.

You can still use these multi-function printers in conjunction with a fax modem and WinFax PRO. You can use the scanner feature to scan documents, and, of course, to print your faxes.