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Dialing settings for FaxTalk fax software

Dialing settings in FaxTalk fax software

FaxTalk uses Windows Dialing Properties by default to manage the rules for dialing fax numbers. FaxTalk can utilize the multiple dialing configurations set up in Windows when sending faxes from different physical locations.

You can change the dialing method used by FaxTalk to bypass the Windows Dialing Properties if desired.

To change the dialing method used by FaxTalk :

  1. From within the FaxTalk software, click on the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. In the configuration list on the left, click Dialing.
  3. On the Dialing configuration page, select the desired method for dialing numbers from the ‘Dial numbers using:’ drop down list. Available options are ‘Windows Dialing Properties’, “FaxTalk Dialing Properties’ and ‘Dial exactly as entered’.
  4. Click OK to save the changes and close FaxTalk Settings.

Note: The Dialing properties group box contains the options available for the selected dialing method. If using ‘Windows Dialing Properties’ you can select the location and open the Windows Dialing Properties dialog box to change Windows dialing settings directly.

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