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Importing WinFax PRO phone books or logs into FaxTalk

Importing WinFax PRO logs and phonebooks

FaxTalk fax software can import WinFax PRO phone books and send & receive log folders. Phone books are imported into the contacts folder in FaxTalk and logs are imported into the File Cabinet folder. For pricing and more information on FaxTalk software, please visit our on-line store. We also provide support services and can import or export your WinFax PRO data into a readable/viewable format.

FaxTalk requires that an existing (and functioning) installation of WinFax PRO be present on the system before you can perform the import process. This is required because the WinFax PRO phonebook and log data structure is a proprietary format. Unfortunately, the process is not as simple as choosing a data file you have saved and clicking import. FaxTalk cannot perform the import directly without the WinFax PRO installation files being present. WinFax PRO will be processing the automated “export” and FaxTalk will be performing the automated “import”. This is why both software products are required to be installed for this process to work. The installation of WinFax PRO does not require to have a working fax modem or telephone connection. If the WinFax PRO phonebooks and/or logs are visible in the WinFax PRO interface, in most cases they can be imported into FaxTalk.

Important: If you are using versions WinFax PRO 9.0 or TalkWorks PRO 2.0, it is important that you have updated to at least version 9.02 or 2.02. See Help, About in WinFax/TalkWorks for the version number you are using.

What to expect when importing WinFax data – Limitations

While most of the data from WinFax can be imported into FaxTalk, there are some technical limitations that prevent some of the data to be imported into FaxTalk. Here is a list of items that are not imported into FaxTalk.

Quick Cover Pages – WinFax has a quick cover page option that has user entered text on a no-frills cover sheet. This cover sheet and the text is not imported into FaxTalk.

Groups – WinFax has an option called Groups that can be created within a phone book. Groups allow you to pre-define a group of recipients and send them with one click instead of selecting each individual recipient. When importing a phone book from WinFax, the groups lists are not imported. FaxTalk has a group option available, so you can continue to use the group feature but these groups must be recreated from your imported phone books.

Voice mail – A WinFax companion product called TalkWorks PRO has the ability to record voice mail for playback. Recorded voice messages that were created with the TalkWorks PRO product are not imported into FaxTalk.

Sub-folders within WinFax phone books – sub folders can be imported into FaxTalk but they are not done automatically. This is a manual process.

Preparing the import

If you are replacing WinFax PRO with FaxTalk on the same computer, only step 1 is required.

If you are moving to a new machine and a new operating system and cannot install the WinFax PRO software, you will be required to perform all the steps below.

Step 1 – Install FaxTalk on machine where WinFax PRO is already installed

If you have already purchased FaxTalk you can temporarily install FaxTalk on your old computer, or you can use the free trial version of the FaxTalk which can be downloaded from the web site. Install the FaxTalk trial software onto the old machine that has the WinFax PRO software installed with the data you wish to import. Once the FaxTalk software is installed you can then import the WinFax PRO fax and contact data into the FaxTalk software. Note: must be a working installation of WinFax PRO.

Step 2 – Backup FaxTalk data and settings

After importing the WinFax PRO data into FaxTalk you will need to make a backup of the data in FaxTalk for use on the new machine. To make a backup of your existing data on the old machine there is a utility called FaxTalk Backup included with the FaxTalk software to back up all of your data files and settings stored in FaxTalk to a single backup file. The FaxTalk Backup utility can be found in the FaxTalk program group accessed under Programs (or All Programs) from the Windows Start menu.

Open the FaxTalk Backup application.
On the Backup tab make sure the all of the backup items are enabled then click the Backup Now button. By default this will create a file called FTBACKUP.FTA in the My Documents folder. Be sure to note where the backup file is stored and what filename is used.
Click OK when the FaxTalk Backup program displays the “Backup completed successfully” message.
Click Cancel to close the FaxTalk Backup program.
Once you have made a backup of your data you can copy the backup file from the old machine to a temporary folder on the new machine.

Step 3 – Install FaxTalk on new machine

To install the FaxTalk software on the new machine you will need to use the software installation file you downloaded when you purchased the software, or the software CD-ROM if you purchased the software on CD, as well as your software serial number.

If you purchased an upgrade version of the FaxTalk software you will also need to have a previous FaxTalk product installed on the new machine in order to install the FaxTalk upgrade software. The installation will check for a previous FaxTalk product and will not install if a previous FaxTalk product is not found. If you cannot install a previous FaxTalk product you will not be able to install the FaxTalk upgrade software on the new machine.

Step 4 – Restore FaxTalk data and settings on new machine

Once the FaxTalk software is installed on the new machine you can restore your data (including the imported WinFax PRO faxes and contacts) from the backup file you created on the old machine. To restore your data you need to use the FaxTalk Backup program on the new machine.

Open the FaxTalk Backup application.
Click on the Restore tab.
Use the Browse button to navigate to the folder where you originally copied the backup file from the old machine.
Select the file and click Open.
On the Restore tab make sure that only the “File Cabinet folder” and “Phonebooks and contacts” options are checked (all of the other restore items should be unchecked) and then click the Restore Now button.
Click Continue on the Confirm Restore dialog to start the restore process.
Click OK when the FaxTalk Backup program displays the “Restore completed successfully” message.
Click Cancel to close the FaxTalk Backup program.
Your WinFax PRO data should now be accessible in FaxTalk on your new machine.

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