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Does FaxTalk support Brooktrout or Dialogic type fax boards?

FaxTalk does not support Dialogic and Brooktrout fax boards. These devices are proprietory fax boards and they are not recognized in Microsoft Windows as standard Class 1.x or Class 2.x fax modems. FaxTalk will not detect these as available modems during the installation.

FaxTalk is currently compatible with Class 1, Class 1.0, Class 2, Class 2.0 or Class 2.1 fax modems.

There are a few manufacturers that product multi-port fax modems for use with Windows that support Class 1.x and/or Class 2.x.  

 Multi-Port Modems:

  • Comtrol RocketModem IV (4 and 8 line options)
  • MultiTech ISI9234PCIE/8 (8 line)
  • MultiTech ISI9234PCIE/4 (4 line)
  • MultiTech ISI5634UPCI/8 (8 line)
  • MultiTech ISI5634UPCI/4 (4 line)
  • Mainpine RockForce DUO+ (2 line)
  • Mainpine RockForce QUATRO+ (4 line)
  • Mainpine RockForce OCTO+ (8 line)
  • Mainpine IQ Express (1, 2, 4 and 8 line options)

Some of our customers have successfully used FaxTalk and FaxTalk Fax Merge software with fax modems from Comtrol. The Comtrol RocketModem fax boards are available in a 4 or 8 lines versions. These fax modem boards install as fax modems in Windows and are detected by FaxTalk. 

For more details, we recommend contacting Comtrol via the link below.

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