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Error: FaxTalk API was not detected. Please ensure a compatible version of FaxTalk is installed.

This error message can occur if a compatible FaxTalk fax software product is not found by the Fax Merge software.

FaxTalk Fax Merge requires an installation of one of the following FaxTalk fax software products:

  • FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro
  • FaxTalk Multiline Server
  • FaxTalk Messenger Pro

FaxTalk Fax Merge is compatible with versions 7.5 (build 4120) and later.

FaxTalk Fax Merge requires a compatible version of Microsoft Word:

  • Microsoft Word 2016/2013/2010 (32 bit version only) 
  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Microsoft Word 2003
  • Microsoft Word XP

FaxTalk Fax Merge is not compatible with 64 bit version of Microsoft Word 2010, or the Microsoft Word 2010 Starter Edition.

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