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How to copy an existing FaxTalk cover sheet from another computer

The FaxTalk software stores the data files used by the program in a set of folders located in a central location on the hard drive based on recommended guidelines from Microsoft.This folder location is different depending on which Windows operating system you are using.  Cover sheets are stored in a .cvp file format. To copy a cover sheet from one FaxTalk installation to another, all is required is to copy the file in the appropriate folder. Note if you use any graphics/logos, you will also need to copy these graphic files to the same folder location.

Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2012 Server , 2008 Server
When installed on a Windows 8,7,Vista, 2012/2008 Server operating system, the cover sheets for the FaxTalk software are located in the C:ProgramDataThought CommunicationsFaxTalkUser folder.

Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 Server
When installed on a Windows XP or 2000 operating system the cover sheets for the FaxTalk software are located under the C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataThought CommunicationsFaxTalkUser folder.

NOTE: These folder locations may be “hidden” by Windows. By default Windows is configured to “hide” certain files and folders. There is a setting in the Windows Folder Options however that can make these folder “hidden” to the user and operating system. You should make sure that the Show all files and folders option in the Windows Folder Options is selected in order to see the folder.

NOTE: The FaxTalk cover sheet .cvp file format is not interchangeable with the WinFax PRO .cvp cover page format. Do not copy WinFax PRO .cvp files to FaxTalk, they are incompatible.

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