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How to reset the fax modem in FaxTalk after an initialization or modem communication error

Initialization and modem communication errors can occur when commands from fax software are sent to the fax modem and the modem does not respond in a pre-determined time.

FaxTalk will report initialization error messages when it cannot communicate with the fax modem, or if the fax modem doesn’t respond properly to the command. In most cases, this is the result of a fax modem that is stuck in a hung/frozen state and is no longer communicating with Windows.

This can usually be corrected by restarting the computer (for internal fax modems) or powering the modem on/off for external powered fax modems. FaxTalk and Windows also have the ability to send a series of reset commands to attempt to reset the modem, but in the event of a failed software modem driver this usually does not work.

To correct modem communication errors, try each one until the problem is resolved:

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  • Right-click the FaxTalk Call Control icon found in your system tray, select “Reset Modem” and if applicable, select the specific modem to reset.  You can also click “Reset Modem” from the “Actions” drop-down menu in FaxTalk.
  • In Windows Control Panel, double-click Phone & Modem Options. Select the Modems Tab. Select the fax modem from the list, click Properties. Click the Diagnostics Tab. Click Query Modem.
    TIP: In Windows 10/8/7, click the Microsoft orb, type “modem” in the search box to open the Phone & Modem Options dialog box.
  • For fax modems that have an external power supply, Power your modem off, wait 5 seconds, power it back on. Try the Reset Modem option again in FaxTalk, or in Phone & Modems Options dialog, try the Query Modem option.
  • Power down the computer using the Shut Down command in Windows, wait 5 seconds after power down and start the computer again.

    NOTE: Software based (controller-less) fax modems may require a reboot of the computer as they require the drivers to reload before Windows can communicate with the fax modem.


If your modem is frequently failing and hanging during sending or receiving operations in FaxTalk then check the installation of your modem drivers for your operating system version and also check for proper com port installation so there are no conflicts with any other devices on your system. If you recently upgraded your operating system, you may need to replace the fax modem if it is no longer supported by your operating system.

Here is the recommended modem list for FaxTalk software:
Recommended FaxTalk Modem List

Click here for an approved by Windows 10/11 Compatible fax/voice modem.

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