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Importing contacts from a Microsoft Excel CSV (comma-delimited ASCII) file into WinFax PRO 10

WinFax PRO can import contact information saved in a CSV (Comma Separated Values comma-delimited ASCII) formatted file into an existing WinFax PRO phonebook. If you have contact information stored in another application that can save or export the contact data to a comma-delimited ASCII formatted file (such as .CSV or .TXT)  you can then import the contact data into WinFax PRO.

Converting Microsoft Excel .xls or xlsx spreadsheets to a .CSV file

If your original data is stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in native Excel XLS format, you will need to first open the spreadsheet in your version of Microsoft Excel and save a copy of this file in .CSV format by clicking on File, Save As… menu option, and select the CSV (MS DOS) format save as option.  This will create a CSV formatted file (yourspreadsheetname.csv) from the Excel Spreadsheet (yourspreadsheetname.xls).  You can then import the .CSV file into WinFax PRO following the steps below.

Importing ASCII files .TXT and .CSV files into WinFax PRO 10 phonebook:

To import an ASCII, .TXT or CSV file, you must first create a WinFax PRO phonebook. To import the file:

  1. In Message Manager, click File, point to Import, and then click Phonebook. The Import Phonebook Wizard appears.
  2. Select ASCII from the Format drop-down list, and then click Next.
  3. Click Select, and change the files of type to “Comma separated values (*.csv)” and browse to the location of the CSV text file. Select the file, click Open, and then click Next.
  4. Select the separator from the drop-down list. If the first row of the file is data, and not a column heading, click Import First Row, and then click Next.
  5. Match the fields on the left side to the Phonebook fields on the right side, and click Next.
  6. Select the phonebook into which you are importing the data, and click Finish. The CSV file is imported. A summary screen appears when the import is finished. You might also encounter an “Import file mismatch” message when trying to import a phonebook. This is due to incorrect linking or ordering of the phonebook fields.

IMPORTANT: If you have your database file open in another application, such as Excel, an error message may appear when you attempt to import the data. Close down all applications that may have your data open, including Excel before performing the import.

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