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Is a Software Development Kit (SDK) available in FaxTalk?

All FaxTalk software includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable programmatic access to certain operations in the FaxTalk software.

The FaxTalk SDK is a set of COM objects, header files, sample code, and documentation designed to help you create programs that provide automated access to FaxTalk functionality. Using the FaxTalk SDK, you can set up automated access to:
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  • Submitting faxes to be sent with the FaxTalk send engine
  • Selecting cover pages for faxes sent
  • FaxTalk Inbox, Outbox, Sent, and Transaction Log folders
  • Send and receive status
  • FaxTalk application configuration information

The FaxTalk Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of tools and programming interfaces (APIs) which employ Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM) technology.

Software developers and software integrators can use the FaxTalk SDK to extend the functionality of their software by incorporating automated access to FaxTalk fax functionality. The FaxTalk SDK provides interfaces that allow client applications to send faxes using the FaxTalk send functionality normally available only through the FaxTalk Send a Fax dialog.

The FaxTalk SDK assumes that the software developer or system integrators have a working knowledge of Microsoft Win32 APIs as well as a basic knowledge of Microsoft COM.

FaxTalk SDK Documentation

Documentation regarding the programming interfaces (APIs) provided in the FaxTalk SDK is included with the FaxTalk SDK files that are installed with the FaxTalk software or the documentation can be downloaded separately here.

Getting Started with the FaxTalk SDK

To get started using the FaxTalk SDK you will need a copy of the FaxTalk software (either a purchased or trial version).

The FaxTalk SDK is included with the FaxTalk software and can be found in the SDK folder that is located in the folder where the software has been installed. (usually C:\Program Files\FaxTalk\SDK or C:\Program Files (x86)\FaxTalk\SDK for 64-bit systems)

The FaxTalk SDK also includes a sample client application created with Microsoft .NET C# and demonstrates some of the capabilities of the FaxTalk SDK.

Trial versions of the software can be downloaded here

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