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Multiple users Windows log on and FaxTalk

Multiple Users

When you install FaxTalk (FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro, FaxTalk Multiline Server or FaxTalk Messenger Pro) on a system that has multiple user accounts defined, the FaxTalk software is available to all users. The FaxTalk program group will appear on the Start menu for all users and any user can access the various components of the FaxTalk software. All of the files and information stored in the FaxTalk software will be available for all users to access. Program settings and configuration options will take effect for all users and can be changed by any user.

NOTE: This does not apply to the FaxTalk Fax Merge add-in for Microsoft Word.

FaxTalk Fax Merge

The FaxTalk Fax Merge add-in for Microsoft Word does not support multiple users. Each user must have their own add-in installed for Microsoft Word.

Individual user settings

Some configuration settings in FaxTalk , such as user information used for the personalization of sent faxes, are stored on a per user basis and will be maintained separately for each logged in user.

Windows Fast User Switching

It is possible for multiple users to log on and switch quickly between Windows accounts. This feature was introduced in Windows XP and is referred to as fast user switching. With fast user switching, it appears that two or more users are simultaneously using the computer.  The network connections, applications are still active and preserved for the previous user. FaxTalk will function with some limitations when the Fast User Switching capability is used:[styled_list marker=”dot”]

  • The FaxTalk application can only be open by a single user at any one time.
  • The FaxTalk CallControl icon will only appear in the system tray of the user that first logged into Windows.
  • Printing from an application from any user other than the first user logged into Windows will result in the Fax Wizard/Send a Fax appearing in the first user’s instance of Windows.
  • Some operations and features are only available to the first user logged into Windows.
  • Some functionality may be limited but the software will continue to answer all incoming calls and send any pending faxes regardless of which user is currently accessing windows.[/styled_list]

Windows Service operation

FaxTalk operates as a Windows service for answering incoming calls and sending and receiving faxes. This enables FaxTalk  to always be able to handle sending or receiving operations regardless of whether a user is logged into Windows. The FaxTalk service logs on as a local system account and will continue to handle call operations even if there are no users logged into Windows. You cannot disable the FaxTalk Service, it is a requirement to use the software.  If the service is disabled, you will be unable to start any FaxTalk features, such as the Message Manager.

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