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Overview of the FaxTalk versions available

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro is the most popular choice for home & small business use, you can send and receive faxes with a single fax line. It supports fax broadcasting and requires a fax modem connected to a telephone line. It can connect to the FaxTalk Multiline Server, so if your needs grow in the future you can expand easily.

FaxTalk Multiline Server

For small businesses that require network and or multi-line fax support. FaxTalk Multiline Server has all the features of FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro and FaxTalk Messenger Pro and it includes the ability to connect up to 8 fax modems for simultaneous sending and receiving of faxes. It also connects with FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro clients, allowing you to share faxing across your network with no additional fax hardware.

FaxTalk Messenger Pro

For home & small business use, FaxTalk Messenger Pro has all the included features of FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro plus it includes voice mail and Fax On Demand features when using a compatible fax modem with voice support.

All three products are easy to use desktop fax software that allow you to send and receive faxes directly from your computer. No additional monthly fees or per page fees to an Internet fax service are required. You send and receive faxes direct and securely via your own existing telephone line using your computers fax modem.


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