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What type of fax modem do I need?

Fax Modems are hardware devices that you add to your computer and connect to a standard analog telephone line. Most new computers do not include a fax modem, so you may need to purchase one from a computer hardware dealer or on-line. offers easy to install USB fax modems here

NOTE: A DSL or cable modem that provides you internet access is not a fax modem. Fax machines and fax devices included in multi-function printers are not compatible and cannot be used with third-party fax software.

Fax Modems designed for PCs come in different classes, the class determines how the computer software will communicate with the fax modem and the feature set of the fax modem. Some modems support multiple classes. FaxTalk can be configured to use any of the following fax classes: Class 1, Class 1.0, Class 2, Class 2.0 or Class 2.1. A fax modem must support at least one of these standard classes for use with FaxTalk software.

These types of fax modems are available in internal (PCI, PCIe) and external (serial, USB) models available from various manufacturers such as Comtrol, Pearle, Hayes, MultiTech, U.S. Robotics, Trendnet, Zyxel and Zoom. Some generic brand modems may be referred by the chipset manufacturer name, such as Agere or Conexant. Most low cost modems with 56 Kbps data capability have 14.4 Kbps fax support included, some newer models include Class 2.1 support, and these have the ability to send at 33.6 Kbps (also known as V.34 fax, Super G3 Fax) when they connect with another 33.6 Kbps capable fax device.

To use the optional voice mail features of FaxTalk Messenger Pro or FaxTalk Multiline Server, you'll need a voice compatible fax modem (often called Class 8 voice compatible).

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