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Where does the FaxTalk Fax Merge software get installed?

The template file is installed in Word’s default STARTUP folder. The location of this folder is different for each operating system, and can also be set to a custom folder defined in the Word setup.

The default installation path for the .dot or .dotm template file is %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP

Here are the most common locations where the FaxTalk template file may be installed.

For Windows 11, 10, 8.x, 7, Vista, Server Editions:


For Windows XP/2000/2003:

Documents And Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP

or the program folder where Microsoft Word is currently installed:

Program Files\Microsoft Office\STARTUP

If a custom path is defined for the STARTUP folder, it will be located in this folder. Check Microsoft Word default path settings for details.

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