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VoiceZone Connect discontinued, alternative Caller ID software replacement.

On December 2nd 2017, Spectrum (formerly TWC, Time Warner Cable) discontinued the VoiceZone Connect service.  For many, this service was used for monitoring and blocking unwanted calls using the Caller ID feature.

Fortunately, you can continue to block specific Caller IDs using a fax/voice modem connected to your Spectrum/Time Warner phone.  The original version of the VZ Enhanced software was specifically designed for TMC VoiceZone service and now it has been modified to allow the use of a dial up fax modem. The result is new software called VZ Enhanced 56K.

The good news is that you can use this free software on any type of phone line that has caller ID service. VZ Enhanced 56K can block incoming calls based on individual phone numbers, ranges of phone numbers, and even caller ID names. You can even play a voice message and hang up the line to blocked callers.

CallClerk is another Caller ID software that includes powerful features that include recording calls, logging calls, email support and much more. Visit CallClerk for more information.

The software is compatible with our fax modems (with our updated modem drivers)

To use VZ Enhanced 56K or CallClerk you’ll need a compatible fax modem.  A voice modem is preferred, as you can playback a message and immediately hang up if you want to. To purchase a compatible fax modem that includes a free download of VZ Enhanced 56K and CallClerk visit our page

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