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WinFax PRO closes down when entering phone and fax numbers, CSID or changing area code, dialing codes.

WinFax PRO shuts down when entering a number.

The problem is described as follows: entering fax numbers in a WinFax phone book causes WinFax to shut down. You may have also encountered various problems (dialog boxes disappearing, closing, General Protection Faults) during the installation or setup of WinFax – such as, entering a fax number,  IP address, changing or setting area codes, prefixes, entering passwords, or entering or changing a CSID (Caller Station Identifer). was the first to identify and solve this issue.  Members of support forums were the first to receive this fix, included in the WinFax Tools software.


  1. Requires a subscription to WinFax Tools with your Paypal account : WinFax Tools Subscription
  2. Download WinFax Tools and save Winfax Tools to your desktop or other location.
  3. Start WinFax Tools. Click “Check for Updates” to update WinFax Tools to the latest version (included with your subscription, enter your user id and password to access the download)
  4. Click WinFax No Pages Fix. Click Yes to start the check. Click Yes to check compatibility settings. This option checks to ensure all the settings for WinFax are configured properly for Windows XP.
  5. Click OK to the “Done processing” message.
  6. Click Fix Viewer DLL Security button.  Click OK to continue.
    NOTE: A Windows XP security update from April 2010 makes this option obsolete, but  you should NOT skip this step. If WinFax Tools detects the security update has already been applied by a Windows XP update, it will report this.)
  7. Click “Fix Entry Problem” button.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  9. Reboot computer.
    NOTE: A reboot is necessary for the changes to be applied by Windows XP from Step 7.
  10. If you continue to experience problems, visit our forums at and post a message with exactly the steps you are following. A technician can provide you additional assistance. (Forums support is included with your subscription)