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Symantec WinFax PRO and Microsoft Windows 7 compatibility

This document contains outdated information on products that may no longer be available or have changed since this document was published, we provide it here for reference only.

Many of you held off upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista and are considering the upgrade to Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7 (or even Windows 10), but are wondering if many of your existing applications such as WinFax PRO will work.

WinFax PRO and TalkWorks PRO (the fax/voice version of Symantec’s popular fax software) still have a strong user base and many of you don’t want to give up this powerful and easy to use desktop faxing software.

Unfortunately Microsoft Windows 7, along with the upcoming Windows 10 are NOT compatible with WinFax PRO.

We ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser, this is a tool offered by Microsoft that scans your computer to determine if it can be upgraded to Windows 7. The program also scans all the existing software installed, and determines if there are any known compatibility problems with Windows 7.  The Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser, incorrectly  indicates that WinFax PRO / TalkWorks PRO has some minor issues, and to contact the publisher’s web site. The link to Symantec’s Web site is no help as Symantec chooses to ignore the existence of WinFax or TalkWorks since they’ve discontinued the software.

Minor issues they are not. You may be able to install WinFax or TalkWorks with Windows 7, but the required WinFax printer driver will not install.  This will prevent you from accessing WinFax from any application you want to fax from, it also prevents you from adding attachments such as PDFs, Word documents, Text files, images, etc. for faxing.

Windows 7  includes the not so impressive fax utility called Windows Fax & Scan, a feature that was previously included only in the Microsoft Vista Ultimate and Vista Business Editions. If you’d rather update your software to a much more professional package that is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Windows XP and 2000, then we recommend FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro or FaxTalk Messenger Pro.  For more details, see our Web page at

Quick Summary: Windows 7 is not compatible  with WinFax PRO. There is no upgrade path available from Symantec for Windows 7 (or Windows 8)  compatibility.  The WinFax PRO 10 software was discontinued by Symantec in June 2006, and no plans for future versions exist.  

Who we are: We are WinFax PRO experts with over 15 years knowledge of WinFax PRO software and support. For information on moving to another fax software package that can import your WinFax data, please see