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Installing the WinFax PRO 10.04 update

WinFax PRO 10.04 update is a patch file released from Symantec in 2005 that updates the Fax Sharing features of WinFax PRO.  After the patch is applied, the following WinFax PRO 10.03 files are updated in the WinFax installation folder:

  • About.cfg
  • ISUtil.dll
  • WFXCTL32.EXE (2 different versions depending on operating system)

The update should only be applied to WinFax PRO 10.03 (North America) version, and is recommended only if you are using the Fax Sharing feature where one or more client(s) are using Windows XP.

We do not recommend installing this patch for any other purpose, as it does not solve any other issues. If you’re having a problem with WinFax not related to fax sharing under Windows XP, then this update will not fix it. If you are using version 10.03 and do not use fax sharing, this update is not recommended. Do not install this update overtop any other version of WinFax, or any non-English language version of WinFax.

Symantec’s instructions to download and install WinFax PRO 10.04 update (link no longer active)