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Where to buy WinFax PRO

This document contains outdated information on products that may no longer be available or have changed since this document was published, we provide it here for reference only.

Symantec WinFax PRO is a discontinued product that is no longer sold by the manufacturer. The software and technical support was discontinued in June 2006. The last version of WinFax PRO that was released is WinFax PRO 10.  To purchase WinFax PRO, you’ll need to buy from a liquidator/distributor that has NOS (New Old Stock). One source for new or used software is eBay, but be cautious when purchasing software from a seller as you may be buying counterfeit (copied) software.

Illegal Downloads and Counterfeit CDs

Any site which offers you an “instant” download of WinFax PRO is an illegal site not authorized by Symantec to sell & distribute WinFax.  For your security, do not buy and download any WinFax software from any of these  ”OEM download” sites you might find in some search engines. Not only are you purchasing pirated software (if you actually get anything at all), but you risk exposing your personal credit card details to criminals.  The only authorized download reseller of Symantec WinFax PRO prior to 2006 was Digital River, which operated the online Symantec Store.  They no longer offer this download.


eBay is a source for new and used WinFax PRO software. Please be cautious when buying software from eBay and ensure the product and seller is legitimate. Please see How to Detect a Counterfeit WinFax CD ROM

WinFax PRO with newer operating systems

WinFax PRO does not work with the newest operating systems from Microsoft. (The last version of Windows that is supported is Microsoft Windows XP). An alternative to WinFax PRO is FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro, and it operates much like WinFax PRO. For more details, please visit this link: or click on the FaxTalk links elsewhere on this Web page.