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WinFax PRO – Windows XP support ends April 8th, 2014

As of April 8th, 2014 Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates to Windows XP.  How does this affect your WinFax PRO setup?  You can continue using WinFax PRO and Windows XP will continue to operate normally without these updates, but  Microsoft XP support services will no longer be available and security patch updates will no longer be released by Microsoft.

Microsoft recommends replacing Windows XP with their latest operating system,Windows 10. If your computer is several years old, you’ll likely require a new computer with the hardware capable of supporting the new operating system.  Older legacy software designed for Windows XP and earlier, such as WinFax PRO, will also have to be replaced.   You may also need to replace your fax modem with one that has support for the latest operating systems. Fortunately, a reliable WinFax PRO replacement does exist and it also supports the latest operating systems from Microsoft.

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