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A copy of your sent fax is received on your fax machine when sending from WinFax PRO or FaxTalk

When you send faxes from WinFax PRO or FaxTalk, you may receive a copy of your faxes on your stand-alone fax machine or All-In-One Fax printer.

You may be sharing the telephone line with a fax machine or fax device such as an All-In-One printer with fax. Some fax machines and fax devices will automatically go to receive mode when fax tones are detected on the telephone line. When you send a fax from WinFax PRO or FaxTalk, fax tones are generated by the fax modem and the other fax device connected on the same telephone line assumes there is an incoming fax and it attempts to receive the fax. To prevent this, disable the standalone fax machine when sending from WinFax PRO or FaxTalk. In some cases, you might find it necessary to power off the fax machine or to disconnect the cable to the telephone jack.

Some fax machines have a feature called “Eavesdropping” that will listen to the phone line for fax tones. Please refer to the fax machine’s manual for this feature and the steps required to disable it or to alter the answering options for your fax machine/device.

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