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How to connect a FaxTalk client to the FaxTalk Multiline Server

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro and FaxTalk Messenger Pro can connect to the FaxTalk Multiline Server via your network. When you connect a client, the client uses the fax modem(s) or T.38 internet fax account connected on the FaxTalk Multiline Server to send and receive faxes. This feature allows you to add fax capability across your network without having to purchase additional fax modems and phone cabling for each machine. The clients have the ability to view sent and received faxes from the FaxTalk Multiline Server.

Step 1. On the FaxTalk Multiline Server

Enable the Network Fax Server option on the FaxTalk Multiline Server machine.  Click on Tools, Options, Network Fax.

Click on the “Enable network fax server” and enter the port number. By default, the port number used is 1234 but you can change port number.

NOTE: Click on Client Permissions to limit client access based on specific permissions. You can define specific users in the Client Manager to access the inbox, outbox/sent items and transaction logs of the FaxTalk Multiline Server.

Step 2. On each client you wish to connect to the Multiline Server

Enable the Network client on each FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro or FaxTalk Messenger Pro machine.

Click on Tools, Options, Network Fax. Enable Netwotk Fax client mode. Enter the IP Address and Port number of the FaxTalk Multiline Server computer.  Enter optional client log on information if you have defined a specific user in the Client Manager in Step 1.

Using Machine Name vs. IP Address.

The FaxTalk software uses a Windows service for background operations and the service runs in a system account on your machine. The service running in the system account would not have the proper network permissions to be able connect using the Machine (Computer) Name.

You can resolve this by changing the login information for the FaxTalk service.

  1. Click on the Start Menu and then Settings and Control Panel.
  2. Double-click on Administrative Tools.
  3. Double-click on Services.
  4. In the list of installed services look for FaxTalk and double-click on the FaxTalk service entry.
  5. Click on the Log On tab and under the “Log on as”: select “This account” and then enter the specific user and Password account information for the user that logs into this computer (This is assuming that this user also has permissions on the network) and click OK.
  6. Close the Services window.
  7. Close the Administrative Tools window.
  8. Reboot the computer.
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