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How to import the e-mail field from a WinFax PRO phonebook into FaxTalk

FaxTalk includes the capability to easily import your existing WinFax PRO phonebooks if you have both WinFax PRO and FaxTalk installed on the same system. This capability is possible with the use of a WinFax component that allows access to the phonebook database.

Due to a WinFax limitation, If your WinFax PRO phonebook contains e-mail addresses, they will not be imported since no mapping field exists for the e-mail address phonebook field. If you require to import phonebooks that use WinFax PRO's e-mail field, you will require to export these phonebooks using the WinFax PRO software to ASCII format (Comma Separated Values) and then perform an import into FaxTalk using the CSV (Comma Separated Values) option.


  • When importing phonebooks from WinFax PRO you will need to import each phonebook separately.
  • Groups that were created within your WinFax PRO phonebook are not transfered over to FaxTalk. You will need to manually create your group(s) in FaxTalk after you import your phonebook(s).
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