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What versions of Microsoft Word are compatible with FaxTalk Fax Merge?

The FaxTalk Merge Macro for Microsoft Word is compatible with the following versions of Microsoft Word:

  • Microsoft Word 2002/XP (Office XP) *DISCONTINUED*
  • Microsoft Word 2003 (Office 2003) *DISCONTINUED*
  • Microsoft Word 2007 (Office 2007)
  • Microsoft Word 2010 (Office 2010) 32 bit version only
  • Microsoft Word 2013 (Office 2013/Office 365) 32 bit version only
  • Microsoft Word 2016 (Office 2016/Office 365) 32 bit version only

NOTE: Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition is not compatible due to feature limitations of the included Word 2010 Starter edition. Two different releases of the FaxTalk Fax Merge are currently available, one for Microsoft Word XP/2003, and the other for Microsoft Word 2013/2010/2007 (32 bit version of Word 2013/2010 supported only)

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