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Using Modem Doctor to log and troubleshoot FaxTalk

Modem Doctor is a diagnostic and debugging tool included with all FaxTalk fax software. The program will log modem and FaxTalk related events and copy specific system settings from your Windows registry in to a (.MDR) file. This tool does not make any changes, modifications or repairs to any system and it can help reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot a problem. Additionally, it provides the technician some basic information about your specific system; such as modem type, model, driver version and other technical details about the system being used. It does not include actual fax documents or user data however, any outgoing fax numbers you attempt to dial out or caller id information for incoming calls may be displayed in the log while the logging was active.

Enable Logging

To start logging, click on Help, Modem Doctor from your FaxTalk software.

Click on the Log drop down menu and select Log Application and Log Modem. A check-mark should appear on both these entries.

While the FaxTalk Modem Doctor program is open, it will log all events sent to the FaxTalk software and modem.

For example, if you are having problems with sending a fax, you can now attempt to send a fax and the log window will record the process and events during the transmission. If you are having problems receiving faxes, try sending a fax to yourself and have Modem Doctor record the session.

Viewing the Results

The Modem doctor records information being sent and received by the connected fax modem.   A single log entry may look like this (without time & date displayed):

ID=[21] Conn=[1]Tx--->AT&FV1E0&C1&D2S0=0<CR>

A typical log entry contains the time & date, an internal ID number, a connection number (the specific Modem), an informative message, or the actual sent (Tx) or Received (Rx) data along the data that was sent or received.

This information is useful to determine if incoming calls and caller ID is detected by FaxTalk and the fax modem. Below is a portion of a Modem Doctor log when FaxTalk can properly detect an incoming call and Caller ID.

ID=[21] Conn=[1]Info--TapiOpenLine: Successful.
ID=[21] Conn=[1]Info--Line released
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--line given owner privilege.
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--Unknown media mode present.
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--Data media mode present.
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--Line offering.
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--Line Ringing.
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--Caller ID has been received.
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--The Number is: 7075551234
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--The Message is: 7075551234
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--Caller ID has been received.
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--The Number is: 7075551234
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--The Message is: 7075551234
ID=[0] Conn=[1]Info--Line Ringing.
ID=[21] Conn=[1]Info--Line created

Saving the Log file

When you are done logging, you can save the .MDR file by clicking File, Save As… Choose a location where you want to save the file and click OK. Close the Modem Doctor program to stop logging events.

Providing the log to technical support

Attach the Modem Doctor (MDR) file you saved to an e-mail and send a copy to technical support for review.

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