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How to use the transfer to phone number feature in FaxTalk Messenger Pro or FaxTalk Multiline Server

FaxTalk has the ability to transfer an incoming call to another phone number after the call is answered, after a voice message is played, or after a specific mailbox is selected by the caller. These options are available in the mailbox options of the Voice Messaging setting (available only in FaxTalk Messenger Pro and FaxTalk Multiline Server).

The software can perform a call transfer if your phone company or PBX phone system provides what is known as a “blind flash hook” transfer capability. This is different from a traditional three-way calling feature. In most cases, you cannot use three-way calling to perform a  transfer to a phone number. 

Most fax/voice modems will have the capability to initiate a “blind flash hook“, but the actual transfer capability is provided by a telephone service provider or local PBX style phone system and not just an individual telephone. You should check with your telephone service provider to see if a “blind flash hook” transfer capability is offered.

Some telephone service providers may not refer to the feature as “blind flash hook” transfer. When describing the requirement to the telephone service provider the question that needs to be answered is are you able to receive a phone call manually then press the telephone flash hook (or a flash button if the phone has one) and then get a dial tone, dial another number and hang up and have the original caller be able to speaker with the person you dialed.

If the phone company allows that to occur without requiring you to stay on the line during the call then you should be able to use FaxTalk to perform a transfer to a phone number.

Manually testing your phone line to see if “Blind flash hook” service is available.

  1. Manually answer an incoming call. If you have a cell phone or another phone line, you can call the number you want to test and answer it.
  2. Press the ‘Flash Hook’ or ‘Flash’ button on the phone you just answered.  The incoming call should now be on hold and you should hear a ‘dial tone’.
  3. Dial the number the caller will be forwarded to, wait a few seconds for it to dial and then hang up.
  4. The incoming caller should now be transferred to the forwarded number.
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