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Formatting Microsoft Word mail merge fields using switches

Microsoft Word has a powerful feature that can alter how the text appears in your finished merged document, for example, if you have source data (a spreadsheet with a list of names and fax numbers in Excel) that contains names in mixed upper and lower case, it may look unprofessional to include lower case letters […]

How to setup FaxTalk to use Distinctive Ring (Alternate Number Ringing) services

Distinctive Ring is a service provided by your phone company that allows you to add a second or third phone number to an existing telephone line without having to physically install wiring to your home or office. The second or third phone number is shared with your primary telephone line. Your phone company may also […]

Is a Software Development Kit (SDK) available in FaxTalk?

All FaxTalk software includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable programmatic access to certain operations in the FaxTalk software. The FaxTalk SDK is a set of COM objects, header files, sample code, and documentation designed to help you create programs that provide automated access to FaxTalk functionality. Using the FaxTalk SDK, you can set up automated […]

Changing or finding the location of fax data files stored by FaxTalk

During the initial installation of FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro, FaxTalk Messenger Pro and FaxTalk Multiline Server, you can select any drive and folder where to install the FaxTalk program files. The default installation for most installations is C:\Program Files\FaxTalk or C:\Program Files (x86)\FaxTalk for Windows 64 bit installations. This location contains all the FaxTalk program files […]

netTalk VoIP subscribers in Canada lose incoming phone service due to dispute

Iristel, a licensed telecommunications company in Canada that provides the Canadian phone numbers to Florida based VoIP provider netTalk, has suspended service due to non-payment of services. According to Iristel, nearly $2 Million in fees for the past two years is outstanding. Iristel claims that it has been requesting payment from netTalk for several months. […]

WinFax PRO – Windows XP support ends April 8th, 2014

As of April 8th, 2014 Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates to Windows XP.  How does this affect your WinFax PRO setup?  You can continue using WinFax PRO and Windows XP will continue to operate normally without these updates, but  Microsoft XP support services will no longer be available and security patch updates […]

Before you recycle your fax machine

Recycle your fax machine While its common practice to format or erase memory on electronic devices before you dispose, recycle or sell it.  It is really an uncommon practice that is done with older fax machines.  Even so, if you do erase the contents of a fax machine are you actually erasing everything? The answer […]

How to save received faxes and messages on Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive

FaxTalk allows you to save a secondary copy of your incoming faxes and messages to a folder of your choice. With a Microsoft Windows compatible Cloud Storage client software such as DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive you can store a copy your faxes and messages and have them accessible on all your computers, mobile devices […]